Robin Dunkle - Owner 

Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA graduating from FIDM, Los Angeles, Magne Cum Laude, 1989 I immediately started my clothing company Tantrumm Apparel and Red Heart Knits. After 10 years of manufacturing, I decided I needed a life change and made my way to the Northwest. My dog (Domino) and I packed up everything and hit the road never to look back. Fast forward to many years later, I have a Rockstar husband Dusty and two gorgeous daughters Macy and Avery. I have re-rooted myself here in Seattle and love the fabric of my life and where it has taken me.
I opened Howard & Marge Boutique May 5, 2008 with my grandparents blessing honoring their names. I had a grand opening party with a fashion show in which both Howard & Marge attended! We love to have fun and have many events and parties throughout the year. I miss my grandparents everyday and know that they are always with me. I find Dimes all the time in the most extreme undefined places they send to me. I have created my own custom clothing line called “Antique Dime” based on my experiences with receiving Dimes.
I proudly hang Howard & Marge’s June 15th 1951 wedding picture in my shop. They are my ROCKS and bring me to always being my TRUE self.
Howard & Marge is a neighborhood boutique specializing in designer brands with a chic but casual vibe. The name is in honor of my grandparents Howard & Marge. They were a huge piece of my life that I will carry in my heart forever.


Kelly Carr - Manager

So grateful for this beauty.  Kelly Carr came into my life unexpectedly back in 2003 when our paths crossed, and I sold her a house during my real estate career.  Little did I know she would become an integral part of my life forever.  I opened my first Howard & Marge location across the street from her bakery in 2008.  Soon after, the busy super mom phased herself out of owning and running her business and came to Howard & Marge pivoting her career path.  She stepped in when I moved down to Olde Burien to a larger location, managing my shop until 2014.  Howard & Marge took a break in 2014 for a year while I sold my soul and became a buyer in the Women’s Division @ Zulily.  I started back up in 2015 doing pop ups with Howard & Marge and reopened my store front shortly after.  Post Covid, I found a great new opportunity to relocate the shop in downtown Burien.  I asked Kelly to lunch, and the rest is history.  She is BACK in my life as manager at Howard & Marge not to mention my dearest friend, sister, work wife and my better half in my business.  I thank GOD for her everyday.......... Robin Dunkle