Howard & Marge

Friends of the SHOWBOX Mask


Live music venues were the first to close due to COVID-19 and will be among the last to reopen. Showbox staff have been out of work since March 11, 2020. With this special mask designed with tickets from past Showbox shows, Howard and Marge Boutique will donate net sales proceeds to buy groceries for the Showbox staff. The money will further circulate through our local economy, as Showbox staff will use these funds to buy food from local PNW farmers and distributors. Show your love for the Showbox staff by purchasing one of these special masks today! 

Measurements are across X top to bottom:

Small - 7.5" X 5"

Medium - 8" X 6"

Large - 9" X 6"

XL - 10" X 7"

~This mask has adjustable straps not shown in picture~

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