Blink Blink 'Vintage Tattoo' Trucker Hats


Color: Charcoal

VINTAGE TATTOO TRUCKER HATS Each individual hat is a unique & one-of-a-kind because these patches are sewn by Jude in her "Free Flow" style on her rockin' sewing machine in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Snap back adjustable, one size fits most. 

*NOTE* : Because each patch is hand sewn, the graphic may not be 'exactly' as shown in the photo...but pretty darn close!! Thats what makes them so special :) 


Living in the heart of Salt Lake City, I had an idea, leaving the corporate beauty industry behind and 4 grown daughters, I took out my broken sewing machine and started putting together some new vintage ideas. I wanted to get something of my own on the market. Blink Blink bags are functional, beautiful, and handcrafted. All unique in their own ways. As Blink Blink grows, we have added limited edition custom items like trucker hats, beanies, and up-cycled vintage flannels.

 Blink Blink